Digital Art History Summer School • Málaga

seventh edition (2023)

what is DAHSS

this seminar, organized by the Universities of Malaga and Berkeley, now in its seventh edition, brings together experts in data analysis and processing to apply them to the history of art and visual culture

For almost a week, this seminar brings together experts in data analysis and processing to apply them to the field of Art History and visual culture.

The initiative stems from a collaboration agreement signed between the University of Malaga and the University of Berkeley to carry out training activities related to Digital Humanities. It also has the support of the Vice President for Strategic Projects; of the General Foundation of the UMA.

edición 2019
image: UMA

looking for new horizons

The seminar, directed by the chair of Art History Department, Nuria Rodríguez Ortega, has a team of international specialists made up of researchers from the universities of Berkeley, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität of Munich and other renowned academic centers.

Its objectives include providing training and digital skills to professionals, academics or students of art history or related to visual content; and focus on the creation of collaborative projects between the participants from the perspective of innovation and critical thinking. In addition, it aims to develop an international community to implement disruptive technologies in cultural heritage and artistic production; are the most important objectives of this course.

edición 2019
image: UMA

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